• Who is the course for?

    It is for anyone who wants to learn how to integrate self-care into their daily lives.

  • What currency is the course in?


  • Do time zones effect how the course is structured?

    Only when it comes to live Instagram Q&A sessions, Live Q&As will be available to watch on Instagram for 24 hours. After that, I will upload the video for you to watch in your own time. 

  • Is there any homework?

    There are tasks to do each week, but rather than view them as things you dread, think of them as little tasks getting you closer to living a self-care lifestyle. You can do them in your own time. There is no pressure.

  • How much of a time investment is needed to watch and read materials each week?

    It will depend on how actively involved you are in the Instagram conversations, but I'd say you would need around an hour each week to read and watch the course materials (but of course you can choose to read/watch the content whenever you have the time). 

  • Since we all have busy schedules, is the course designed to go at our own pace?

    Yes! Each week we will upload the courses and you can access all the information for that week.

  • How long are the discount codes valid for?

    They will be valid until the 29/2/20

  • Do I need to have done yoga before?

    NO! The yoga videos are very simple and are designed for a beginner.

  • I’m pregnant - can I do the videos?

    Most of the yoga videos are find to do, but please avoid laying on the back or deep twists.

  • How is the course different from the books?

    The course is bringing the books to life in a community. There are easy to follow videos and audios as well as new recipes not found in the book. The idea is that by doing all the tasks in an online community the chances of success are much higher.

  • Can I do the course from a different country?

    Yes the course is online and available to everyone.

  • Do I need to buy anything to do the course?

    No, you may want a notebook, a pen and availability to a printer. You may also want yoga mat.

  • How much does the course cost?

    A one-off payment of £100

  • When does the course begin?

    Whenever you sign up

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